Now Twitter finally makes business sense!

In a blog piece last year, I lambasted twitter users who indulge in pointless banter. “I’m off for a brew” was one such useless info-bite spewed onto twitterfeeds by people who should know better.

It was this kind of tediousness that made me a little skeptical. Sure, I could get some opinion and useful links to blogs and articles if I followed the right people. But it seemed I had to plough through all manner of dull and joyless drivel in order to get to it.

Today, I have a slightly rosier view of twitter, not least because I’ve become wiser when choosing who to follow; in come the people who really do have useful knowledge and opinions, out go those who litter my twitter feed with their perpetual and random grunts.

However, I’ve reached this epiphany mainly because I’ve come to see twitter as simply part of a bigger social media picture. Having blogs, facebook and LinkedIn profiles connected to your twitter account has all sorts of advantages. It can drive more traffic to your website, help start a lively conversation or even connect you to other like-minded people in ways that other social media tools can’t. As a networking tool, it’s a godsend…but only if used wisely.

As an example of twitter in action, I used it recently to publicise my revamped blog. Sure enough, visitor numbers went right up. One post got a record number of hits (by quite a lot) thanks to a tweet that included a link to the person my blog post was responding to. They retweeted the link and – bingo! – the hits came in.

Jane Binnion – from Jane’s Social Media – is one person I have to thank for this. She responded to my cynicism and carping by giving me good tips on how to improve my tweeting. It’s working and, long term, Voxtree will no doubt reap the benefits.

Jane and I will be running a workshop on using Twitter at Lancaster Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday 23rd October. Click here for details.


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