Voxtree…coming soon

In August 2011, Voxtree – my new copywriting company – will be launched.

Not many people seem to know what copywriting is. When I tell people that I am a copywriter, I am usually met with a blank stare or a polite “oh” accompanied with a look of confusion. When I visited the local library to ask if they had any books on the subject, I was escorted to the ‘Law’ section and a few of my friends seem to think that I’m going to be looking after intellectual property. But ‘copywriting’ and ‘copyright(ing)’ are two very different things and I couldn’t be less interested in the latter – unless somebody nicks one of my ideas, that is!

So, for the uninitiated, copywriting is basically writing words that are intended to promote or sell something. Think websites, adverts, brochures, that kind of thing. It has nothing whatsoever to do with copying anything…hence the confusion.

I’ll be updating this blog from time to time, commenting on anything related to my field as well as other random events that beg to be written about.

Until next time…


One thought on “Voxtree…coming soon

  1. It could be mistaken as writing copies of an existing to some, who knows?
    Maybe they should change “copywriting” to “promowriting” or something.
    Anyway, keep the blog up! Would love to read more! 🙂

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